Clanfelde Hills, Glenfield

    Selected Wild Place / Other Wild Places / Public Rights of Way / VC55 boundary

    Getting There

    The site straddles the border between Kirby & Glenfield but is completely cut off from Kirby by the major roads. There is a exit at the northern end giving access over the motorway to Kirby and to a path into Brookside Meadow. The site can also be entered on the path at the southern end of this long strip and by a right of way over Ratby Lane which gives access to the Optimus Nature Area and Fishley Belt.

    Managed By
    A management company appointed by Wilson Bowden as part of the development. This is not amenity land but can be enjoyed from the path.
    Wild places

    Total species seen at this site: 61


    This is a large block of land between Ratby Lane and the M1 which has been re-modelled and landscaped as part of the nearby development. A right of way follows an attractive line through this area where surplus soils have been used to make substantial hills. The site is bisected by the Kirby Brook and the area has naturally regenerated with some tree planting. The path links the footpaths round the old golf course to the Ivanhoe Way and Brookside Meadow and the wider countryside beyond, including the National Forest. The area is called Clanfelde Hills to commemorate the old name of Glenfield village.

    Further Information

    The number 13 bus runs through Glenfield and stops in  the commercial area a few hundred yards from this site.

    Latest records
    Common Name Latin Name Date Recorded Recorded By
    Bramble agg.Rubus fruticosus agg.13/03/2020David Nicholls
    Common NettleUrtica dioica13/03/2020David Nicholls
    Ground-ivyGlechoma hederacea13/03/2020David Nicholls
    Physcia tenella13/03/2020David Nicholls
    HogweedHeracleum sphondylium13/03/2020David Nicholls
    Broad-leaved DockRumex obtusifolius13/03/2020David Nicholls
    Common Shiny WoodlouseOniscus asellus13/03/2020David Nicholls
    Common Striped WoodlousePhiloscia muscorum13/03/2020David Nicholls
    Spear ThistleCirsium vulgare13/03/2020David Nicholls
    Common RagwortJacobaea vulgaris13/03/2020David Nicholls
    Ribwort PlantainPlantago lanceolata13/03/2020David Nicholls
    Creeping CinquefoilPotentilla reptans13/03/2020David Nicholls
    Common Mouse-earCerastium fontanum13/03/2020David Nicholls
    Brown-lipped SnailCepaea nemoralis13/03/2020David Nicholls
    Garlic SnailOxychilus alliarius13/03/2020David Nicholls

    Group Common name Latin name Last seen
    Bees, Wasps, AntsBuff-tailed BumblebeeBombus terrestris13/03/2020
    Bees, Wasps, AntsSmall Black AntLasius niger13/03/2020
    BeetlesLongitarsus dorsalis13/03/2020
    BeetlesNotiophilus biguttatus13/03/2020
    BeetlesParanchus albipes13/03/2020
    BirdsChiffchaffPhylloscopus collybita21/04/2017
    Centipedes & MillipedesBlunt-tailed Snake MillipedeCylindroiulus punctatus13/03/2020
    Centipedes & MillipedesGeophilus flavus13/03/2020
    Centipedes & MillipedesPolydesmus inconstans13/03/2020
    Centipedes & MillipedesWhite-legged Snake MillipedeTachypodoiulus niger13/03/2020
    FliesCrumomyia pedestris13/03/2020
    LichensLecanora campestris13/03/2020
    LichensHammered Shield LichenParmelia sulcata13/03/2020
    LichensPhyscia tenella13/03/2020
    LichensXanthoria parietina13/03/2020
    Mosses & LiverwortsRough-stalked Feather-mossBrachythecium rutabulum13/03/2020
    Mosses & LiverwortsPointed Spear-mossCalliergonella cuspidata13/03/2020
    Mosses & LiverwortsBonfire-mossFunaria hygrometrica13/03/2020
    Mosses & LiverwortsGrey-cushioned GrimmiaGrimmia pulvinata13/03/2020
    Mosses & LiverwortsCommon Feather-mossKindbergia praelonga13/03/2020
    Mosses & LiverwortsAnomalous Bristle-mossOrthotrichum anomalum13/03/2020
    Mosses & LiverwortsSpringy Turf-mossRhytidiadelphus squarrosus13/03/2020
    Slugs & SnailsSmooth Glass SnailAegopinella nitidula13/03/2020
    Slugs & SnailsArion ater agg.13/03/2020
    Slugs & SnailsBrown-lipped SnailCepaea nemoralis13/03/2020
    Slugs & SnailsSlippery SnailCochlicopa lubrica13/03/2020
    Slugs & SnailsNetted SlugDeroceras reticulatum13/03/2020
    Slugs & SnailsKentish Garden SnailMonacha cantiana13/03/2020
    Slugs & SnailsGarlic SnailOxychilus alliarius13/03/2020
    Trees, Shrubs & ClimbersHawthornCrataegus monogyna13/03/2020
    Trees, Shrubs & ClimbersAshFraxinus excelsior13/03/2020
    Trees, Shrubs & ClimbersBlackthornPrunus spinosa13/03/2020
    Trees, Shrubs & ClimbersPedunculate OakQuercus robur13/03/2020
    Trees, Shrubs & ClimbersDog-roseRosa canina13/03/2020
    Trees, Shrubs & ClimbersBramble agg.Rubus fruticosus agg.13/03/2020
    WildflowersHairy Bitter-cressCardamine hirsuta13/03/2020
    WildflowersCommon KnapweedCentaurea nigra13/03/2020
    WildflowersCommon Mouse-earCerastium fontanum13/03/2020
    WildflowersCreeping ThistleCirsium arvense13/03/2020
    WildflowersSpear ThistleCirsium vulgare13/03/2020
    WildflowersDanish ScurvygrassCochlearia danica21/04/2017
    WildflowersCleaversGalium aparine13/03/2020
    WildflowersHerb-RobertGeranium robertianum13/03/2020
    WildflowersGround-ivyGlechoma hederacea13/03/2020
    WildflowersHogweedHeracleum sphondylium13/03/2020
    WildflowersCommon RagwortJacobaea vulgaris13/03/2020
    WildflowersRed Dead-nettleLamium purpureum13/03/2020
    WildflowersOxeye DaisyLeucanthemum vulgare13/03/2020
    WildflowersReflexed StonecropPetrosedum rupestre13/03/2020
    WildflowersRibwort PlantainPlantago lanceolata13/03/2020
    WildflowersCreeping CinquefoilPotentilla reptans13/03/2020
    WildflowersSelfhealPrunella vulgaris13/03/2020
    WildflowersCreeping ButtercupRanunculus repens13/03/2020
    WildflowersBroad-leaved DockRumex obtusifolius13/03/2020
    WildflowersCommon GroundselSenecio vulgaris13/03/2020
    WildflowersDandelion agg.Taraxacum officinale agg.13/03/2020
    WildflowersColt's-footTussilago farfara13/03/2020
    WildflowersCommon NettleUrtica dioica13/03/2020
    Woodlice, CrustaceansPill WoodlouseArmadillidium vulgare13/03/2020
    Woodlice, CrustaceansCommon Shiny WoodlouseOniscus asellus13/03/2020
    Woodlice, CrustaceansCommon Striped WoodlousePhiloscia muscorum13/03/2020