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    Submit any sighting of an animal, plant or fungus – with or without a photo – to put your dot on our species distribution maps. All records are passed on to local and national recording schemes.  All wildlife records are valuable, common or rare, and whether from your garden, local park or a nature reserve. Help To Record

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    The Hall at St Peters C.E. Primary Academy, Station Road, Market Bosworth. CV13 0NP.

    Leicester, New Walk Museum, Lord Mayor's Room

    Knighton Parish Centre, Church Lane, Leicester LE2 3WG

    Leicester, New Walk Museum, Lord Mayor's Room

    Leicester, New Walk Museum, Lord Mayor's Room

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    Taxonomic Shortfall

    "Studying and protecting each & every living species on Earth is a major challenge of the 21st century. Yet, most species remain unknown or unstudied, while others attract most of the public, scientific & government attention." 

    The Year of the Ivy Bee

    When the history of 2018 is written it will go down as The Year of the Ivy Bee in Leicestershire & Rutland More...

    Sminthurus viridis

    Insects are disappearing all over the world -

    Linyphia triangularis

    Can you spot 10 spider species before Halloween? More...

    Ivy Bee

    It's time for the annual NatureSpot Ivy Bee Appeal - help us find Colletes hederae. Read more...


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    Ormyrus nitidulus

    Ormyrus nitidulus parasitises the larvae of various oak gall wasps.


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    Western Conifer Seed Bug

    Western Conifer Seed Bug, Leptoglossus occidentalis. Has recently become established here. Attracted to light and may enter buildings in search of hibernation sites in the autumn.

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