Leicestershire and Rutland NatureSpotters Wanted!

Wildlife is in trouble & effective conservation relies on knowing the status of each species. You can help by logging your wildlife sightings on NatureSpot (website | mobile app). Do I need to register? If you care about wildlife, record it!  We need data on all species, common or rare. All records are passed on to local & national bodies & used to further our conservation knowledge. NatureSpot only collects data for Leicestershire & Rutland. If you record elsewhere, please use iRecord



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Charnwood Lodge Nature Reserve

Warren Hills, Charnwood Lodge Nature Reserve

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Windmill Hill, Broombriggs Farm

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White Thistles

Creeping Thistles are just coming into flower, but among their number there are some pale white ghosts. More...

Scarlet Tiger Moth

One large and beautiful moth seems to be bucking the trend for moth numbers this year. More...

Poss Moth larva

The NatureSpot Photo of the Month for June is this action shot of a Puss Moth larva, taken by NatureSpot contributor Graham Calow. More...

Entomophthora muscae

Keep your eyes open for fungus-infected zombie flies - there are a lot of them about at the moment. More...

Banded Demoiselle

The NatureSpot Photo of the Month for May is this image of a Banded Demoiselle, taken by NatureSpot contributor Jane Hollingworth. More...

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