Recording Carlton Wildlife

    We would like more wildlife observations from the parish. So, if you've seen a species you recognise, from a Blue tit to a Bluebell, click on the header to find out what to do.

    To submit a wildlife record, you use the Submit Records form on the main menu above. Here you are asked for the date, where you saw it and what it was. You are guided through the form and more help is available by clicking the help link on the form. The map makes it very easy to enter a grid reference - just find the right area on the map and click! TIP: to quickly get the map to zoom to the parish, just type the name of village in the Search Map To Find box and click 'search'.

    If you have a photograph then you can upload this with your record. You can even upload an image of an unknown species if you would like some identification help - just select '?' from the species menu box.

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