Short-winged Cone-head - Conocephalus dorsalis


Length 11-18 mm. Small, green bush cricket with a brown stripe along the pronotum and brown wings. Unlike the Long-winged Conehead, this species usually has wings that do not reach the end of the body. However there is a macropterous form (f. burri) with both pairs of wings fully developed, which is mainly found in hot summers.

Identification difficulty

Two distinct habitats: coastal saltmarshes and sand dunes, particularly associated with maritime rushes and grasses; inland on lowland bogs, fens, reedbeds, river floodplains and by lakes and pools.

When to see it

Nymphs emerge in May and June. Adults present from July and August until mid-October.

Life History

Omnivorous, but feeds mainly on seed heads, buds and flowers of grasses, rushes and sedges.

UK Status

Mainly found in southern England and a few coastal location further north.

VC55 Status

Local and uncommon.

Further Information

VC55 (Leicestershire and Rutland) is on the edge of the range for this species although it may well be spreading further north. It arrived in Rutland in 2007, just outside Hambleton village, at a site on Rutland Water.

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Species profile

Common names
Short-winged Cone-head, Short-Winged Conehead
Species group:
Grasshoppers & Crickets
Records on NatureSpot:
First record:
15/09/2008 (Rudkin, Philip)
Last record:
28/09/2021 (Sexton, Timothy)

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