Thurlaston Desford Rd verge

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Road verge

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Leicestershire County Council / Thurlaston Parish Council
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Total species seen at this site:


This verge is being managed to improve biodiversity as part of the County Council/Parish Council urban verges trial. It was surveyed in 2020 by NatureSpot volunteers.

A large area of the verge on one side of the road had been dug, levelled and reseeded prior to the 2020 survey so only the remaining untreated area was surveyed. Here the floral diversity was reasonable and with a few species found in quality grassland. Species of note include Crested Dogs-tail and Smaller Cats-tail.

Floral diversity: 34 species

LWS Indicator species: 0

Habitat Quality: Medium/Poor

Latest News

Mowing of the verge will stop between April and August to allow the wildflowers and grasses to grow and flower. At the end of the season, the vegetation will be cut and then removed to limit nutrient build-up in the soil which encourages a wider range of species to thrive.

More records of wildlife seen on this verge would be welcomed! Please use the Submit Records form to let us know of your wildlife sightings.


The records and images below may include those from adjacent sites if the grid reference submitted with these records overlaps the boundary of this Wild Place.

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